Remodeling Process for Kitchen Area

Remodeling Process and Additions

Run out of room in your home but love your neighborhood or just don't want to move? Additions are a great way to add value and space to your home. Additions are more complicated than a basement finish which is why we spend more time in the design phase planning and budgeting with you. We have excellent architects and engineers we partner with or we are happy to work with an architect you have already selected.

Our owner, Adam Rossi, will meet with you to evaluate the conditions of your current home, discuss your vision of your future home and get an idea of what your budget constraints are. He will then send you an initial estimate range which is really a feasibility study so you know if the project is buildable at your budget. He will also introduce you to an architect or two if you are in need of one during this meeting or a follow up meeting.

If the range of prices provided by Adam is acceptable and you would like to move forward, Adam will send you a design build agreement. The agreement says that you will pay Blue Sky Remodeling a fee to assist with designing and budgeting the project and obtaining a buildable set of construction documents that can be turned into the city or county for permitting.

During the design process, Adam acts as the design project manager leading meetings and setting the schedule with the architects and engineers. The architect will provide you with schematic design, further refined design development drawings and finally construction documents. During this process, we provide cost estimates along the way for different design options and help value engineer the design to get you the most project for your money. We also introduce you to our vendors to select exterior and finish materials so we can more accurately define the budget and your style.

Once the plans are turned in for permitting, we will send you a construction service agreement which included managing the construction of the project defined by the architectural drawings and the specification and budget document we prepared for you. The fee you paid for the design build phase will be credited towards the management of the project. Once you sign the construction service agreement we engage your project manager to start prepping the site and the subcontractors for construction.

As your contractor, we will be responsible for managing all subcontractors, scheduling and sitting all inspections and making sure all materials are ordered timely. We will give you access to your project schedule on-line so you can follow along the building process. Our project managers ensure the schedule and budget stay on track and provide you with daily communications on the progress of the project. A large remodeling project can seem overwhelming and stressful, but we are with you every step of the way to guide you so you feel comfortable that the scope and direction of the project are being met.

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