Blue Sky Remodeling Education Videos

At Blue Sky Remodeling we know that as a design build firm communication is the foundation of a successful remodeling project. Our experience in building pop tops, new homes, custom basement finishing and major home remodels in Denver has shown that homeowners have many of the same concerns and questions when they are beginning their unique process of choosing a contractor.

This series of videos is divided into the long version, which may run 30 minutes or more, and then those are taken and edited down to the most important topics as smaller videos with text summaries that are from 90 seconds to 4 minutes or so in length. Just click on the topic you are most interested in, and you will have access to the long and short videos on that page.

We hope that by producing these homeowner educational videos you will have more confidence in moving forward with your project, and because education is the key, you will have a less stressful experience no matter which contractor you choose.

You also will be able to meet many of our team members, starting with the President, Adam Rossi, the CFO, Julie Rossi and our key operational and sales team members. When you choose Blue Sky Remodeling these are the people who will be working hard to make it a great experience.

If these videos are helpful, please let us know. We add a new topic every 30-45 days, and if you feel there is a specific area we can address, please email or call.

For every lifestyle, there is a basement, and in this first episode of Basement and Remodeling Basics, Blue Sky’s Online Education Series, you will learn what elements of basement design are important for kids, entertainment, guest space, and more.


Our host Mia Voss welcomes Blue Sky's President, Adam Rossi, to answer critical questions like:

  • When should you use a home equity loan vs. construction financing?
  • What other types of financing options are available for remodeling projects?
  • How the Design-Build process factors into financing your remodeling project?
  • How much does a typical remodel cost?

The entire video covers a little more than 30 minutes. If you would like to view just specific topics that are shorter, you can scroll down this page to see the individual interview segments, running from 1:30 to 4:00 minutes each.


With the right planning and a great team working with you, the horror stories of remodeling projects that get months behind schedule and thousands of dollars over budget are a thing of the past!

In our third episode of this free online education series, learn the steps to a successful basement, pop top, or remodel project. Our own Adam Rossi, President, and Courtney Maynard (Sales Manager) join host Mia Voss to give you the keys to a successful design build process from start to finish.