Basement Finishing Companies

Written by: Julie Rossi

We get a lot of inquires into basement finishing every week. As one of the larger basement finishing companies in colorado, at least on a volume basis, we'd like to help you weed through the selection of a basement finishing company. We are actually a mid-size basement finishing company when you use the number of employees as the measure.

There are a lot of companies claiming to be Basement finishing companies. A few years ago we looked at all the permits pulled in the Denver metro area for basement finishing. We counted 157 different companies that pulled a permit in a 3 month period. That being said, There may be another 10-50 who don't pull permits. (A very bad idea).

hen we looked at how many basements these "basement finishing companies" actually built in a year. Most, and I mean 90% ish plus, only finished 1-3 basements a year!

So what that means to you is most of the companies who claim to be basement finishing companies, no matter what the name on the business ( Joe's handyman, Metro Remodeling. B+ construction, whatever) are really very limited in basement finishing experience. They may do more decks, bathrooms or kitchen remodels than basements.

Nothing in life (or basement finishing) replaces experience. We have designed over 1500 basements, and our designs are considered the standard in the business. The best part is we do this at NO cost, unlike other more expensive basement finishing companies in Colorado.

The fact that we specialize in finishing basements and do so many, means our subcontractors are experienced in the specific skills associated with their trade as it relates to basement finishing. In simple terms, they are better than subcontractors who work in may different type of projects.

As a basement finishing company, we also give you a dedicated professional project manager who does nothing but build basements. They are truly experts, and are responsible for the successful completion of your basement, on time and on budget.

We also will complete your basement faster than most because we have built solid systems and have experienced people working on our project.

These are just the highlights of why we think you will select us as your basement finishing company in Colorado.

Call us to discuss your basement today, and set up a free estimate and design.