Denver Basement Waterproofing Questions

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What products and materials are best suited to my unique problems?

We provide custom tailored waterproofing solutions to solve your specific problem. We install only our own unique patented products that are developed and manufactured by Basement Technologies, headquartered in Canton, MA. Products are shipped directly to us a Licensed Vendor. Our Water Trek Aqua Route used in coordination with the Water Grabber sump pump liner, and top quality pump; are clean and neat looking, and function much better than almost any system out there – this is the original developed over 28 years ago. They have been in use in the north east and in other areas, including Canada in over a million homes.

Are you experienced?

We have gone through a rigorous training program at their headquarters including classroom theory, trouble shooting, and diagnosis, as well as design and hands on installations. We do continuous training in all these areas for all crew members so that everyone is proficient. Everyone involved has been with our company a minimum of 4 years, and we all come from construction backgrounds.

How much will a system cost?

Each system is specifically designed for your specific problem, and sometimes a partial system is decided upon based on conditions; but on average partial or smaller solutions can range from $5,000 or $6,000 to $10,000 to larger solutions that include mechanical components, and range from $15,000 to $20,000. We use open and competitive pricing and develop the system cost right in front of you, no middle-man markups or hidden fees. We offer cash, credit cards and even can make financing available.

How long will it take?

Many systems can be completely installed in under 3 days – we use only employees and not sub-contractors. We control the whole process; and utilize highly trained installation teams.

I'm not sure if the water is coming from under the floor or outside the wall, how can it get in?

Water can get in through 6 places; Floor and Wall joint, cracks in the floor or walls, through windows or doors, and even over the sill plate. Our system has components that are specifically designed to capture water coming from all these sources, and the design engineer will suggest the best solution.

Can I just put concrete outside along the house, or just slope it away with stone? Where does the water come from?

When the house was built a large hole was dug out to allow workers to put in the foundation walls, and then was back-filled, this area which can be as much as 10' from the foundation is an area of much less compacted soil than the area outside this dig-area, and thus attracts water to it from the much denser areas – because water always moves from high pressure to low pressure, even up hill sometimes. So while an impervious surface away from the house helps with surface water, it won't solve any sub-surface water problem.

What about the drain that the builder put in by the footing?

When the house was built the builder installed a perimeter drain along the footer, and it is a perforated corrugated pipe embedded in several inches of gravel – these are not only prone to clogging, but are not located in an ideal location to completely stop water from under the slab, or footing

Can you handle my basement, it's an old brick foundation without a footer, don't structural engineers caution about interior systems like this?

We consulted with our engineers specifically to address this typical foundation in older neighborhoods around Denver – our system has been patented and deigned specifically, because it is absolutely critical that the system utilized doesn't create a structural issue by trying to evacuate water. Our solution prevents under wash of the wall, which the old style pipe and stone systems tend to do, and I saw one of these inefficient system that had failed inside of 3 weeks, the dirt that was underwashed actually caused the clog – two major problems by an inexperienced company.

Can you do crawl spaces? Mine is so wet that its actually mud under some sort of black plastic? It smells musty, and there's probably mold - Can you ensure our family is safe?

Yes, we have a fantastic system for crawl spaces, were very concerned about the air quality under your living spaces. Our systems not only helps dry the dirt under the vapor barrier, but completely seals the wet away from the crawl space and even ensures cleaner healthier dry air.

Will the system work with a radon system?


Can I place one of your Water Grabber Sump pump liners in a space that will be finished with my basement?

Yes, we can side discharge, one of the very useful elements of the patented liners.

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