Our second episode of this free online education series is about the key factors that go into financing a home remodeling project like a basement.

Our host Mia Voss welcomes Blue Sky's President, Adam Rossi, to answer critical questions like:

  • When should you use a home equity loan vs. construction financing?
  • What other types of financing options are available for remodeling projects?
  • How the Design-Build process factors into financing your remodeling project.
  • How much does a typical remodel cost?
  • And so much more!

The entire video covers a little more than 30 minutes. If you would like to view just specific topics that are shorter, you can scroll down this page to see the individual interview segments, running from 1:30 to 4:00 minutes each.

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Duration: 1:18

In this interview, Adam discusses what you might want to think about when selecting a contractor for your pop top, home addition, or basement finish.

Topics covered are:

  • The experience of the contractor.
  • How they present their proposals.
  • Understanding their business model.
  • Checking a contractor's references.

Remodeling and basement finishing can be a stressful process for a homeowner, doing a good job in the selection process can go a long way in making your project go stress free.

Duration: 4:16

In this interview, Adam discusses how your remodeling or basement finishing project can affect your property taxes.

Duration: 4:02

In this interview, Adam discusses the most common ways homeowners can finance their basement finish, remodeling or pop top project in Denver.

There are two big buckets of financing, owner and home equity lines of credit. Home equity loans are easier to get today than they were a few years ago.

You can also use a construction loan, which works well for larger projects. It allows you to refinance the home and pay back over 20-30 years.

Adam recommends a homeowner speak to a few different source for loans, and make sure you are very comfortable with the bank, and terms. Currently interest rates are pretty low, making residential remodeling projects less expensive when you are not paying cash.

Duration: 4:02

In this segment, Adam discusses the different elements that will affect cost and construction of a remodeling project in the older Denver neighborhoods.

Denver area's like Baker, Hylands, Park Hill, Washington Park Platt Park and many other Denver neighborhoods are unique, and Adam discusses the additional expenses and considerations for these projects.

Duration: 4:01

In this video interview Adam Rossi, President of Blue Sky Remodeling, discusses the costs you might see for a pop top, first floor addition, or basement finish in the Denver area.

It's the number one question clients want to know, and although every project is different, there are some good guidelines given , starting at, you can count on a pop top being around $175.00 a square foot, as well as ground floor additions. Basements can run from $40.00 to $70.00 a square foot depending on the design.

How to decide if it makes more sense to pop the top on a home or add to the ground floor addition is discussed, as well as what elements may affect the cost, which include the state of the current structure, building codes in your area, and if the home has an historic designation.