Designing Basements for Every Lifestyle - Basement and Remodeling Basics

For every lifestyle, there is a basement, and in this first episode of Basement and Remodeling Basics, Blue Sky’s Online Education Series, you will learn what elements of basement design are important for kids, entertainment, guest space, and more.

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Duration: 1:18

In this 1:18 long video Mia Voss talks with Adam and Julie Rossi about issues in older basements.

One of the common questions is can you excavate to create higher ceilings, or add more space by excavating a crawl space. Adam mentions that a crawl space has natural geo cooling elements if you decide to use it to build a wine cellar.

While older homes do have different issues to consider, and in most cases will cost more to accomplish your goals than those in newer homes, the cost of completing a basement finishing or remodeling project is still far below that of moving, or adding an addition.

Duration: 4:15

In this 4:15 long video, Mia Voss discusses how to design a kid friendly basement, and leave a legacy for the next family in the home with Adam and Julie Rossi of Blue Sky Remodeling.

The first consideration is the age of the children, and also the reality that they will be growing up quickly, and therefore the basement design needs to incorporate the flexibility to allow the kids space to evolved from "Lego's to XBox to an exercise area. Planning and good design are the keys. How the space needs will change over the next 3-7 years is important.

For smaller children, designs that may include removing the door to the basement, opening up the stair case, lot's of good lighting and designing the play area as close to the stairs as possible make a basement feel safer and move usable for the kids.

Small children can also mean more visitors from grand parents and guests who live out of town. It's not unusual to need that extra bedroom and bath so they have a private space. As the kids turn into teenagers, that may change. ;)

When you design your basement with great kid features, it should add unique space to your home. A well designed basement from Blue Sky Remodeling has the potential to return more than 100% on your investment based on our low cost of construction (compared to national figures) and well thought out designs.

Duration: 3:37

During this 3:37 long video, Adam and Julie Rossi of Blue Sky Remodeling discuss how long it takes to have your basement finish completed. They also discuss the importance of the design process to a great basement finish.

Every basement is different, so the timing for a full basement finish, which would include bedrooms, bathroom, and a living area, will generally take about 7-8 weeks from start to finish for the construction.

Blue Sky is a design build firm and therefore works very diligently on the design before the permit or construction even starts. The design process which includes from 2 to as high as 11 different revisions, often takes more time than the actual construction period. ( There may be an additional fee for revisions past the second)

That's one of the reasons Blue Sky Remodeling has such an excellent reputation, and hundreds of happy basement finishing customers in the Denver metro area. The design build process, years of experience, and attention to detail.

Duration: 3:39

In this segment of our educational interviews Adam and Julie Rossi of Blue Sky Remodeling discuss the main reasons they see homeowners in Denver deciding to finish their basements.

The most consistent reason is growing families. Families with growing children also have a tendency to have more visits from Grand Parents, relatives and friends, creating a need for additional bedrooms and bathrooms, in a more private area of the home.

Another major reason for basement finishing or remodeling is the desire to stay in a home and not move. Many families love the house they are in, but because of additions to the family, they need more space. Finishing your basement can be a very good option, and the price of the added square footage is far below the expense of buying a new home.

Other requested rooms and features are discussed including:

  • Exercise rooms
  • Family areas ( game area and more)
  • T.V. and multi multimedia spaces
  • The Man cave concept
  • Fam-Cave concept
  • and the Wo-Man cave concept