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Basement Finishing Companies

Did you know that 90% of "basement finishing companies" only built 1-3 basements a year?

We get a lot of inquires into basement finishing every week. As one of the larger basement finishing companies in colorado, at least on a volume basis, we'd like to help you weed through the selection of a basement finishing company.

Designing Basements for Every Lifestyle - Basement and Remodeling Basics

Part one of our video education series.

Designing Basements for Every Lifestyle - Basement and Remodeling Basics

For every lifestyle, there is a basement, and in this first episode of Basement and Remodeling Basics, Blue Sky's Online Education Series, you will learn what elements of basement design are important for kids, entertainment, guest space, and more.

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You know you’ve run out of space if….

You have to reserve your dining room a week in advance
Your in-laws are sleeping in your exercise room
You can vacuum your entire house without unplugging
You have to stand in line for the bathroom
There are more toys in your office than office equipment
More than 2 kids are sleeping in a bed

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Design/Build versus Design/Bid

Many people hear the phrase Design/Build but I don’t think everyone knows exactly what it means or what advantage it has over Design/Bid. People who use a design/build process for the home renovation project work simultaneously with an architect or designer and a contractor. As they develop the design ideas with the architect, the contractor provides budget information so the homeowner knows right away if what they are designing fits within their budget. The contractor can also provide “value engineering ” to allow the homeowner to stretch their dollars further by suggesting design modifications that are more economical. Typically a contractor will charge a small fee for this service that can be applied to the cost of the project if the homeowner ends up building the project with them. If the homeowner selects a different contractor, then the contractor at least got paid for his consulting time.

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